A very personal trainer

Elvie takes wearables to a new intimate level.

We all know it can be tough to get in exercise, but one startup wants to help women squeeze in something critical. Elvie, from U.K.-based Chiaro, is an exercise tracker for the pelvic floor that’s Bluetooth-connected to your smartphone. In other words, it’s like a FitBit for your Kegels. The idea is to encourage women to do the important exercises in a fun (though still discreet) way. Inner strength does cost a bit – $199 to be exact. But consider this: when done properly, five-minute pelvic workouts can lead both to better core and back strength and better sex, according to Elvie. Seems like female nether regions are getting a lot of attention these days. This isn’t the first wearable technology for down you know where: now we can add Elvie to a growing list, which also includes the world’s smartest menstrual cup, a.k.a the Looncup.