Generia is (sort of) a real thing

Rack & Pinion helps us avoid the "conceptually transmitted disease."

generia 17

Listening to some Pitbull right now? You might just have Generia.

generia 16

Defined by the team at Toronto-based creative agency Rack & Pinion as a “conceptually transmitted disease,” Generia occurs when exposed to too much “uninspired media content,” affecting the individuals who both create and consume it.

“Late stage Generia penetrates and controls the victim’s personality, sense of identity, and cre-ognative abilities,” the shop says. “Due to its subtle and gradual spread, victim-hosts become unwitting transmitters of the disease, often without knowing it, but with exponentially devastating results. This is serious.”

Okay, so it might not be a “real” disease in the typical sense, but the agency folks definitely think it’s a problem – enough to come up with a playful campaign and tout their shop as the cure. If you’re concerned about your susceptibility to the disease, there’s a helpful quiz to determine your risk and get help if needed (this writer was determined to be “at risk” and has consequently stopped using the term “YOLO”).