Haunted houses make for great ad stunts

Paramount brings Paranormal Activity's ghost story to life.

When the first Paranormal Activity film was released, part of what made it so terrifying was the found footage aspect of it, making audiences think about how the events of the movie could happen in their own bedroom. But with each new installment, the concept became more and more watered down. So it makes sense that the thing to make it scary again would be to make it more real.

To promote the fifth installment of the series, Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension, Paramount Pictures set up an open house with a “real estate agent” bringing real prospective home buyers  in for a tour, unaware that it’s the place where the first film was shot. The spookiness starts out simple with the things you might find in your typical neighbourhood haunted house: a swinging lampshade, lights turning on and off on their own, that kind of thing. But things go completely off the rails when they go upstairs and when they try to escape, they find themselves in a scene pulled straight from the movie.


Brand: Paramount Pictures/Paranormal Activity