Vote Goat

Grey rocks the vote for the Beaty Museum's biological wonders.


You know what we miss? Voting. It felt great to flex our democratic muscles and let our choice be known, but it would be impractical to put that much effort into creating election campaigns for every choice we had to make in life. That is, unless you had some help from Grey Vancouver.

The Beaty Biodiversity Museum on the campus of the University of British Columbia is looking for input on what its next exhibition of fossils, preserved animals and other biological wonders should be. So the agency created a series of posters recreating familiar election lawn signs, buttons and bumper stickers for goats, preserved octopuses and ancient sea life.

The posters are all driving to¬†the museum’s website, where fans of biology can vote on which exhibits they’d like to see most until February. The top ten picks will be included in an exhibition in the spring as part of the larger¬†100 Years 100 Treasures event celebrating UBC’s centennial, where 100 prominent Vancouver natives were asked to write about an item of their choosing on the museum’s site.




Brand: Beaty Biodiversity Museum
Agency: Grey Vancouver
Creative Director: Katie Ainsworth
Associate CD: Lisa Chen Wing
Art Director: Maria Stanciulescu
Writer: Alex Bird
Producer: Chris Raedcher
Account Exec: Arantza Belaustegui
Client Exec: Mairin Kerr