7 Days of Garbage

Portraits of people in a bed of trash they produce in a week.

7 days of garbage

We are what we eat. And the leftover trash? Well, that’s for the planet.

So many of us are completely oblivious to our wasteful habits, and maybe that’s because we just can’t visualize what we’re doing. That’s why Gregg Segal’s photography is so powerful. His “7 Days of Garbage” project is a series of photos that takes families, individuals and couples and then lies them face up in a pile of garbage. But not just any pile: it’s one that they’ve made themselves by saving just one week’s worth of trash.

And today, Segal’s work is being unveiled, with the help of partners Glad and the City of Toronto, in the Great Hall of Toronto’s Union Station for the masses to look at, think about and reflect on their own personal waste. It goes up today and will be there for the next three weeks, until Nov. 22. Segal’s photos in this series are mostly taken near his home in California, but he put a Toronto touch on the station exhibition, displaying shots of local prominent families and influencers, including Kai Lee (restaurateur and son of Canadian chef Susur Lee), Amanda Blakely (freelance writer and co-founder of The Social), Andy Byford (CEO of the Toronto Transit Commission ), and James Yurichuk and Natey Adjei (members of the Toronto Argonauts).

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