Sand clock

Bet you haven't seen a ticker made out of sand before.


Like sand in a clock, these are the hours of our lives.

This magical little device has us zoning in and out of consciousness as we watch the tick-less clock hand circle its way around a bed of sand. The clock was created by Studio Ayaskan in London (the same guys who brought us the origami-based geometry-inspired pot that grows with its plant) and is inspired by zen gardens. According to the studio, Sand, as they call the device, “is the gradual formation and flattening of a ripple pattern over a period of twelve hour cycles.” You read the time on Sand the same way you would the hour hand on a regular clock, with lines in the sand appearing through the morning and being swept away during the afternoon (there’s a cheat sheet at the bottom of this post if you need a hand). Now to pull ourselves away from the mesmerizing sand hand, and get back to work…


studio-ayaskan-sand-clock-01 studio-ayaskan-sand-clock-05 studio-ayaskan-sand-clock-04



Via Fubiz 

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