Vimeo interrupted

The site is fighting back with its very clever use of pre-roll on YouTube.

screen shot 2015-11-02 at 9.14.22 pm

Pop-up ads are the worst. Not all of them, mind you. Some are handy. But most are just plain annoying. Vimeo knows this, and it’s got something to say about it. Problem is, you can’t tell what it’s trying to say because, you guessed it, those pesky pop-ups keep getting in the way. This video, for the content platform by Vision Film Company and Skunk Films, very cleverly demonstrates the frustration viewers go through when watching something on YouTube. The site packs quite a punch in this spot, which is running as pre-roll on its competitor site and making a few of us feel like idiots the first time we try to close the ad, and then feeling the frustration of never really knowing the plot of the story being told in the video.


Brand: Vimeo
Production Company: Vision Film Company
In Association with: Skunk Films
Producers: Kimberly Stuckwisch & Geoff Mclean
Cast: Jeremy Helgeson & Emily Rudd
Cinematographer: Isaac Bauman
Costume Designer: Michelle Thompson
Assistant Director: Chad Nicholson
Editor: Mandy Brown
Colorist: Derek Hansen (MPC)
Sound Design and Mix: Brent Kiser
Music: Stefan Storm
Casting Director: Michael Beaudry