$10 is different for everyone

The AAUW shows what #TheReal10 looks like for women.

When the U.S. Treasury Department said earlier this year that it would be putting a woman on a new $10 bill, the American Association of University Women and agency Rethink created a video showing that, while it was a nice gesture, a nicer one would be making more efforts to fix the wage gap between men and women. Now, the AAUW has enlisted L.A. agency WongDoody to create a new social tool that not only lets people show their support for full pay equity, but remind people how drastic the difference can be for some people.

On “#TheReal10″ website, women can upload their photo and see what they would look like on a $10 bill. A fun social tool, sure, but it becomes less fun and a bit sobering when the number on the bill is changed to reflect the pay gap, which is significant for women as a whole but even more staggering for women of colour.


Brand: American Association of University Women
Agency: WongDoody