A show of appreciation

Bell and Leo Burnett say thank you to Canada's veterans.

In Canada and other Commonwealth nations, November means paying tribute to the men and women whose bravery kept our countries safe during times of war. As a company celebrating its 135th anniversary this year, Bell has been around to see many of those conflicts, with 184 of its employees having sacrificed their own lives. Now, the company has found a way to honour veterans with a new Remembrance Day campaign developed with help from Leo Burnett.

In “Poppy,” a girl, like many of today’s young people, spends most of time with her face buried in a phone. But, there’s a twist, because she’s actually learning about the history of the poppy and the role Canadian veterans have played in wars through history, as well as how to say thank you to a local veteran she sees every day in a special way.

The two people in uniform in the spot are actual veterans, one having served in recent missions in Bosnia and Afghanistan, and the other having served in Europe during World War II. Beyond commercials, Bell has supported servicemen and women by participating in the federal Hire a Vet program, and part of its Let’s Talk program for mental health focuses on those who have served in the military.


Brand: Bell
Agency: Leo Burnett



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