Ink you can’t see

These folks wear a second skin under stiff suits and shirts.

screen shot 2015-11-09 at 10.15.38 pm

Look closely at these images. One by one, start by looking at the image on the left, then turn your eyes to the one onthe right. How does the sudden shift in appearance make you feel? Photographer Alan Powdrill wanted to experiment with and understand the “complexity of human identity,” so he shot these diptychs to question how society views (and perhaps even judges) people who are different underneath the layers of clothing that represent a “civilized demeanour.” At least that’s how My Modern Met describes the Jekyll and Hyde-type images that we just can’t seem to stop scanning for the tiniest of details.

alanpowdrill1 alanpowdrill2 alanpowdrill5 alanpowdrill7 alanpowdrill8 alanpowdrill9 alanpowdrill10 alanpowdrill12 alanpowdrill22