Tequila, lime and a dash of entrepreneurial spirit

Two creatives quit their jobs to create the juice of Agave Gods.


We’ve heard (and witnessed) the advertising industry’s predilection for booze. If one week goes by without at least one person nursing a hangover, then there’s something wrong. But we never thought the weekly practice would lead to some creatives quitting their jobs altogether to pursue a career in alcohol. But that’s just what an art director and strategic planner decided to do recently, launching a tequila brand called Siempre. Alex Lacroix and Monica Sanita found themselves in Jalisco, where they worked with a distiller to create the alcohol of the Agave plant Gods. But why tequila of all things? “We’ve always loved tequila but couldn’t stand the bad reputation it had, so we set out to show the world how amazing it really is,” explained Lacroix in a statement. Well, that’s a surefire way to guarantee the party never stops.

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