Fisherman’s Friend wants you to suck it up

Giants & Gentlemen's new spot doesn't pull any punches.

It used to be that there were no sick days, you just had to go on with your day, and without whining about it to your significant other so they make you soup. Fisherman’s Friend is showing us that it is maintaining that toughness of the past for those of us who who are made of slightly weaker stuff.

The new, highly cinematic spot, by Giants & Gentlemen, takes us back to the times when people would not let something like a case of the sniffles keep them from sword fighting, punching a bear that threatened their campsite or finishing their bare-knuckle boxing match (yes, we said punch a bear and it’s great).

We can barely be bothered to roll over and answer an email when we’re sick, so we’re fine with being wussies and having Fisherman’s Friend to lend us a hand.


Brand: Fisherman’s Friend
Agency: Giants & Gentlemen
Creative Directors: Alanna Nathanson, Natalie Armata
Chief Strategy Officer: Gino Cantalini
Planner: Marianne McBean
Account Supervisor: Julie Wierzbicki
Copywriter: Brandon Tralman-Baker
Art Director: JP Spanbauer
Agency Producers: Sumit Ajwani, Jonny Pottins
Production Company: Revolver
Director: James Brown
Executive Producer: Luc Frappier
Line Producer: Rob Allan
Editing: Saints Editorial
Editor: Mark Paiva
Executive Producer: Stephanie Hickman
Transfer / Online: RedLabTO
Colourist: Walt Biljan
Sound: Apollo Studios

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