Rallying help for those who need it most

Refuge des jeunes creates sidewalk messages only visible in the rain.


“Good weather, bad weather, it helps youth cross the street.”

Refuge des jeunes de Montreal is an organization assisting homeless youth in Montreal, and with the weather getting colder and wetter, it’s a vital time to drive support for its work. So it decided to use inclement weather to its advantage for once.

Using special paint that only appeared when wet, agency Saint-Jacques Vallée Y&R spraypainted 14 messages on the streets of Montreal that reminded the people of the city of those who might be suffering the most as it rained. The messages not only remind those who see them of how much worse the rain is when you don’t have a roof over your head, but that these youth need our support no matter what the weather is like.



“This is not a time to let a youth be outside.”


“In the heart of the storm.”


“Because we don’t only need a refuge when it rains.”


Brand: Refuge des jeunes de Montreal
Agency: Saint-Jacques Vallée Y&R
Creative Director: Pierre Nolin
Copywriting: Geneviève Vincent
Art Direction: Mathieu Lacombe
Consulting Group: Justine Lallemand-Auger
Video: Alt Productions
Director: Sébastien Duguay
Production: Andrée-Lyne Jacques