Flying contraptions and (lots of) robots

What did people in 1900 think the year 2000 would look like?

future 1

Post delivered to you by flying men. Instruments that play themselves. Learning math through a brain-hugging helmet. These are a few of our favourite predictions from artists in the 20th century. They’re what¬†people hoped their kids and grandkids would be able to enjoy in 100 years from their making in 1900. The French artists were asked (by the¬†1900 World Exhibition in Paris) to sketch their envisions of the year 2000 and these images (taken from paper card inserts in cigar boxes and postcards) reveal that many were optimistic, yet they kept an element of doing things the traditional way in the future too. For example, fashion wasn’t forecasted to change much. They were good at predicting a future of robots (something we’re still waiting for… not that we’re holding any grudges), but we guess the internet was a big surprise invention, seeing that there aren’t any computers in their techy classrooms and paper mail was still a major component of communication.

You can see a bunch more of the illustrations here.

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