Check your melons

Rethink gives fruit a titillating addition for the CBCF.

We are now in the middle of “Don’t Forget to Check Week,” an initiative by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation to remind women to check themselves for signs of breast cancer.

From Nov. 15 to 21, every single melon in Nester’s Market locations in British Columbia and Alberta will come with a pink sticker, reminding shoppers to check themselves. The stickers, created by Rethink, also drive to¬†a campaign microsite. While it’s nice that the agency has gone through the effort of outfitting what must be thousands of melons with tiny stickers, I fail to see the connection to checking oneself for signs of breast cancer.


Nope, still don’t see it.

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Still nothing.


Maybe I’ll never understand.


Agency: Rethink
Brand: Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation