Pride in pizza

Windor's Spotvin packages local spirit in our favourite kind of box.


Before we begin, there’s one thing you need to understand about people from Windsor, Ontario: there are few greater sources of civic pride for them than their pizza. They’ve been able to support a half-dozen local chains, some of which have taken home top honours at world pizza championships (we are so thankful that’s a real thing). What makes Windsor pizza so good depends on who you ask. Some say it’s using an all-natural, locally-sourced mozzarella. Others say it’s insisting on using shredded pepperoni and canned mushrooms. Or maybe it’s something in the water. But it’s an intense love, one that might only be matched by how much they love visiting Detroit, their American neighbour.

Spotvin is a creative agency and graphic design studio based in Windsor, and it’s selling a new shirt that celebrates the city and its connection to Detroit. The shirt, bearing each city’s airport code and the iconic Ambassador Bridge that connects them, is only available in a special box set, with pins and wrapping paper emblazoned with a stylized rose (based on Windsor’s “Rose City” nickname). But to fully encapsulate everything the city loves, the shirts are being shipped in special pizza boxes worthy of display in any living room. Only 250 “box sets” are being produced by┬áPlan C (a new division of Spotvin devoted to creative endeavors outside of its regular client work) in a limited run and are available for pre-order.

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