Adorable late-night hijinks

Get the tissues ready for this Spanish Lottery holiday spot.

Every year, the Spanish Lottery runs a special, Christmas lottery that is more of a group affair, with families and coworkers coming together to pool their money for a shot at the prize. And the organization’s spot promoting the contest this year certainly drives that warm sense of comradery home.

The video by Leo Burnett Iberia in Madrid, whether inadvertent or on purpose, reminds us of one of Pixar’s feel-good shorts, and it brings the emotional gut-punch to back it up. A night watchman (at a Spanish mannequin factory) named Justino, who is totally alone during his shift, manages to forge a connection with other factory workers by posing dummies in a number of (increasingly elaborate) ways for staff to find the next day. He’s never sure if they appreciate his efforts, especially when he sees they won the Christmas lottery, until he shows up for his shift that night. Get ready to “aww” and/or weep uncontrollably.

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Brand: Christmas Lottery (The Spanish Lottery)
Agency: Leo Burnett Iberia
Chief Creative Officer: Juan García-Escudero
Executive Creative Director: Jesús Lada
Digital Creative Director: Iñaki Martí
Creative Supervisors: Ignacio Soria, Arturo Benlloch
Art Directors: Javier López Canle, Sergio García
Client Service Director: Ricardo del Campo
Account Manager: Sara Cubillo
Account: Jesús Álvarez
Head of Digital: Tania Cavada
Account Executive: Sandra Arán
Tech Team: Víctor Moreno, Horacio Panella, Luis Marcano
Producers: Nico Sánchez, Esther García
Production Company: Blur – Passion Pictures
Director: Against All Odds
Executive Producer: Mario Fornies
Producer: Pablo García Acon