Business cards for the young ones

Kids won't forget about Kol Kid, thanks to this idea by DS+P.


Kol Kid is a Toronto-based store selling toys, clothes and books for kids. To let loyal customers know about its ecommerce offering, DS+P created a range of business cards driving to the store’s site. You might be thinking a kid is even less likely to give a second look to a business card than the rest of us are, but these cards are made from melted crayons, and available in a range of colours and patterns. And they actually work, so kids will be reminded of the store for days, instead of forgetting about it the second the card has been stuffed into our pocket.




Brand: Kol Kid
Owner: Lisa Miyasaki
Agency: ds+p
Partner: Doug Robinson
Creative Director: Brian Murray
Art Director/Designer: Dorota Pankowska



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