Different perspectives

Canon gives photogs a challenge in creativity.

Canon believes inspiration can come from anywhere, and it has set up an experiment to prove that hypothesis.

In this video by Leo Burnett Australia, six photographers were invited to take photos of everyday objects. The catch was that no two people could take the same photo twice, so what the video really shows is how each photographer took a different approach to the same subject. Beyond simply taking a shot at a different angle, the photogs repositioned, broke apart and otherwise completely deconstructed the objects, which made it all the more challenging for the next person in line to find something new. See their process in the video, and stick around until the end, because the creativity in this really comes out when you see a comparison between the first and last photo taken.

The video is one of six “experiments” by The Lab, a platform Canon is running (and amateur photographers can apply to participate in) to examine creative thinking from behind the lense of its cameras.


Brand: Canon
Agency: Leo Burnett Australia
Executive Creative Director: Vince Lagana, Grant MacAloon
Creative Director: Kieran Ots
Art Director: Stuart Tobin
Copywriter: Bjoern Ingenleuf
Producers: Adrian Jung, Petrea Lambert, Emma de Teliga, Melissa Scurry
Senior Art Director: Dave Varney
Production Company: The Pool Collective
Director: Chris Ireland
Executive Producer: Cameron Gray

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