A tale of two scenarios

Think! puts this poor guy in the doghouse, but at least he's alive.


Few respond well to contemptuous creative, so there’s no sense in shaming someone for getting behind the wheel after two drinks. Instead of pointing fingers at a potentially intoxicated driver for having a momentary lapse in judgment, Think! road safety (a part of the¬†British Department of Transport¬†that encourages safe behaviour on roads) did something a little less serious, and a little more entertaining. It showed the win-lose result of turning down the opportunity to drive drunk (or even tipsy, as the spot below states that just two glasses of wine can double a person’s chances of having a fatal collision) in a rather quirky spot.

The idea behind the PSA is to show that you can say no to driving your stuck-at-a-train-station-in-the-pouring-rain wife home if you’ve just put alcohol in your belly. It also admits that this act of, shall we say, defiance, will most certainly lead to an even more annoyed wife when she gets home, but better the doghouse than dead, right?