Baker Miller Pink Hoodie

Clothing that slows heart rates, limits oxygen and chills you out.


If you’re hyper sensitive to stimuli, or know someone else who thinks and behaves like a vampire on a hangover, then this if the gift to get. The Baker Miller Pink Hoodie is a remarkable hoodie that calms a person down after a horrid day at the office, during a wretched 20 hour flight, or even before a big event, like a race. It’s hard to believe, but every part of the Snuggie-cum-straitjacket (at only $450 a pop) is designed to chill you out.

So for instance, the hood, which includes a mesh visor (that you can see out of, while others can’t see in), encases you in a pink hue that’s supposed to be able lower your heart rate. Also, it encourages nose breathing (which is slower than mouth breathing) as the visor is positioned further up and away from the mouth. Even the straitjacket pockets are meant to help to minimize movement and oxygen consumption. The only real dilemma I’d have to deal with, if I had one of these puppies, is having to avoid the urge to slip into it while sitting at my desk or in the middle of a meeting. Yeah. That’s not gonna happen.

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