Really great showdowns

This guy pits good and evil characters in film-inspired drawings.


Not to sound too Oprah about it, but pop culture-inspired art is one of my favourite things. Among the most loved prints in my home are a set of five from the “Great Showdowns” series by artist Scott Campbell (better known as scott c.). He illustrates some of the best face-off moments, mainly between heroes and villains, in film history. There are the obvious ones – Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, for one – but some of the best are the relationships we may not give as much thought to (think the Titanic meeting the iceberg, or the Ninja Turtles going up against pizza).

You’ll quickly notice that the prints have a habit of selling out fast both on scott c.’s website and through his gallery partners, but never fear, they are also included in his books, Great Showdowns, Great Showdowns: The Return and Great Showdowns: The Revenge (which was published in October). So if you’re looking for a great gift for couch potatoes who easily identify with the characters in the books, pick up a copy or three.

via Great Showdowns by scott c.

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