Before and after Beijing’s pollution alert

The contrast between clean and crap air is enough to make you cry.


A global climate deal has finally been reached, and it’s supposedly a good one, with U.S. President Obama calling it “the most ambitious” one in history and French President Hollande describing it as “beautiful.” Hopefully we’re not too late, because if things continue to worsen in places like Beijing, which was issued its first red alert related to extreme pollution, we may be in very big trouble.

These images (by photographers Kim Kyung-Hoon, Jason Lee, Damir Sagolj, Mark Schiefelbein, Greg Baker and Kevin Frayer at Reuters and AFP) show the devastating contrasts of the city before and after the red alert in the Chinese city. It’s enough to make us want to storm into government offices and shake global leaders into going back to the drawing board and coming up with something that’s better than “beautiful,” something that moves every single one of the six billion people on the planet to action.

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