Giving Canada Goose a run for its money

Mammoth (by Argos' linebacker) saves animals from fashion.


As a vegetarian, I’m torn and tormented by the desire to purchase a Canada Goose coat. As you can imagine, the fur controversy around the clothing makes it a tough sell for someone like me. But now there is a “fur-free alternative to Canada Goose,” as new clothier Mammoth Outwear stated in a recent press release announcing that it’s passed the $50,000 funding mark on Kickstarter. That was only one week after the brand, created by  Toronto Argonauts linebacker James Yurichuk, launched.

His jackets, designed by Roncesvalles-based Sarah Hopgood, are completely free of fur and down feathers and are touted as being just as good as the fur-trimmed parkas that have, more recently, become all the rage in Canada. “As soon as I realized fur was making a comeback I knew something had to be done,” said Yurichuk. “Canadians love wildlife, and they love staying warm. What we’ve done is give them the option to enjoy both at once.” He explains how the team has managed to keep the premium quality and warmth without using any animal by-products in the video below.

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