Even he needs to travel

Santa rewards well-behaved travellers at Pearson Airport.

The world has taken notice of Yorkdale Mall’s Fashion Santa over the past week, and while we get the appeal, there’s something we still like about “Santa Classic.” A big, jolly, smiling guy that is super generous wins out over a smoldering look from the strong silent type any day.

In a video by Edelman and Nimble Content, Toronto’s Pearson Airport sent Santa through its terminals and, in true Santa fashion, rewarded well-behaved travelers with free food and gift cards, something that is probably needed during a time of year when the stress of the season tends to get the better of people waiting for a flight.

Santa also enjoys many of the things the airport offers inside its terminal along the way (from the gym to retail to food), and the video, ostensibly, is to promote those offerings. But to take part in the holiday spirit, Pearson is donating $1 for every retweet the original video gets on Twitter to the neighbourhood-building initiative Propeller Project, up to $5,000.


Brand: Toronto Pearson Airport
Agency: Edelman
Production: Nimble Content