How dare you try and skip Maurice Levy

Publicis' CEO has something to say, and you can't escape it.

Between acquisitions, fluctuating earnings estimates and rumours of pay freezes, Publicis Groupe had some ups and downs in 2015. It was all capped off a couple of weeks ago in a nearly half-hour video featuring CEO Maurice Levy at his desk explaining the company’s restructuring. For its year-end greeting, Publicis agency Marcel has condensed Levy’s “state of the company” address into a two-minute version, but even that gets a bit dry. Being the generous guy he is, Levy does give you the option to skip through to watch some ads instead, but he is also someone who is clearly used to being listened to, and you’re going to hear his statement one way or another.

We can’t embed the ad here, so you’ll have to go to the microsite where the video is being hosted┬áto see what happens for yourself, but just know that you shouldn’t feel bad for skipping Levy’s statement as soon as you can.


Brand: Publicis Groupe
Agency: Marcel
Production: Prodigious
Interactive video player: Packed Player