Maybe it’s time for a break

Lg2 and SAAQ remind students of the toll their hard work can take.

saaq fatigue gars fr

Lg2′s work with Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) has touched a on a lot of things to make Quebec’s roads safer, such as drunk driving and texting behind the wheel (and not pulling any punches, either). But this new campaign, aimed at the province’s students, focuses on a safety issue they might not have bothered to consider.

With classes winding down, students are pushing themselves to perform during final exams. These new ads, posted on university and college campuses in the province, remind those students of the toll all that work can take, even after they’ve left class and hit the road to head home. We get that these kids have a lot of other things to think about right now, but they shouldn’t feel bad about using the “I’d rather not fall asleep behind the wheel and get in a fiery car crash” excuse to take a break.

saaq fatigue fille fr


Brand: Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec
Agency: Lg2
Creative Director: Luc Du Sault
Copywriting: Nicolas Boisvert
Art Direction: Vincent Bernard
Strategic Planning: Catherine Darius Mireille Côté, Alexandra Laverdière
Account Service: Alexandra Laverdière, Tania Pons Kilfoil
Retouching and illustration: Marc Rivest
Photography: Benoit Bruhmuller
Media: Touche! – Cristina Henriques, Isabelle Baillargeon, Julie Morin
Client: Patrice Letendre, Karine Côté

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