Wrong place at the wrong time

This cat should have used Dopl to avoid walking into a dog bar.

Dopl is a review app currently looking to compete with services like Yelp by tailoring the reviews you see to your own personal taste. Which, if you’re a cat looking to avoid a run-in with your sworn enemy, can be very handy.

In this weird-yet-funny video by Seattle agency Wexley School for Girls, an anthropomorphic cat walks into a place called Spay Bar looking for some entertainment. He quickly realizes this isn’t the place for him, as he’s met with a scene of rowdy dogs doing, well, what rowdy dogs will do in a place called “Spay Bar.”


Client: Dopl
CEO: Dennis Duckworth
Agency: Wexley School for Girls
Exec Creative Dir: Ian Cohen
Creative Director: Patrick Mullins
Director Of Production: Gabe Hajiani
Associate Producer: Tara Cooke
Art Director: Evan Bross
Copywriter: Paul Feldmann
Project Manager: Amy Lower
Account Director: Jordan Karr
Account Manager: Nick Minnott
Director: Ian Cohen
DP: Chris Bell
AC: Coburn Erksine
Gaffer: Vincent Klimek
Key Grip: Kerry Flanagan
Swing: Isaac Lane
Production Designer: John Lavin
Wardrobe Designer: Collette Jones
Wardrobe Assist: Gwen Stubbs
Editorial Co: Bronson & Bronson
Editor: Mather McKallor
Audio Co: Pure Audio
Sound Designer/Mixer: Scott Weis