One adult colouring book to rule them all

That time in 2015... when High Road made a killer holiday gift.


No doubt, one of the biggest trends to come out of 2015 is “adults being kids, again.” The colouring book made a comeback, and it seems it made the folks at High Road think to themselves, “Why focus on creating a holiday card around a single big hit, when we can have a whole smorgasbord of trends inside another trend?” Enter the adult colouring book with drawings of the hottest items of 2015. The book was created by the agency, and hosts outlines of people, things and events like the Bautista bat flip, dead raccoons, #emojimania, dancing fish and pizza-eating rats. So, now, you can not only relive these moments, but really study them with hours-upon- hours of colouring in the lines and wondering where all your time went over the holidays.

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