Santa Had Help

Scan any gift, and JWT will introduce the elves that made it.


Maybe we’re a little old to still believe in pixie dust and elves on shelves that come to life after dark, but we do. That’s why, when we were sent this holiday gift from our friends at J. Walter Thompson, that belief in magic was reawakened. The global team at the agency somehow figured out how to be in our home on Christmas day. It created a nifty app (called Santa Had Help) that allows a person to scan any gift under the tree, and then view a funny video of Santa’s elves talking about how they made said gift. From clothing to electronics, the agency thought of almost everything a person could possibly receive on the big day. If anyone’s listening, we’d really like a car for Christmas this year so we can meet the elf (in the video below) who obviously doesn’t hold any grudges.