Snuggle your way into one of these

Juggernaut designed a "Snuggernaut" for every possible occasion.


How did nobody think of this before? A Snuggie with a Kangaroo belly pouch. Pure genius.

The idea for the holiday gift was born inside the offices at Juggernaut, a production shop with a track record of ideas as good as this one (anyone remember Cards Against Advertising?). They dubbed the altered body wrap “Snuggernaut” and have made cheat sheets for people who don’t quite have the imagination to see how stylish (and functional) this garment can be. You can see some uses below and share your own on social media. We’re counting down the days until we can use this puppy for scare tactics next Halloween (think: human heads or random confetti-cannon blasts popping out of the pouch¬†when someone walks by).

snuggernaut2 snuggernaut snuggernaut5 snuggernaut3