Candy Cane comes in many forms

Rethink hacks and hangs phones on Christmas trees.

So, this is the third holiday card we’ve come across that puts an emphasis on spending time with the family. And rightfully so, because, honestly, no one really wants to have to fake their death to get family members‘ attention.

Rethink’s solution to get people to unplug this holiday season comes in the form of a Candy Cane tree ornament. It was fashioned out of a pen and includes a custom headphone jack that you can hook up to your phone and then hang on the tree. When connected, the ornament pairs with a site created by Rethink to have different animated characters be displayed on the screen. For example, there are things like snowmen, gingerbread men, and even nutcracker ornaments in the likeness of Rethink founding partners Ian Grais, Chris Staples and Tom Shepansky.