It’s time to spend time with loved ones

Cundari's timer app lets families "give presence" to a worthy cause.

The consensus this holiday season is that we don’t spend enough time with our family.

Coming from a pack of five siblings who live in four different countries across the world, I’d give a kidney to spend the holidays with all of them again. But, admittedly, what would probably happen is we’d end up spending a good portion of the occasion behind our phones, because that’s what we humans do now. Cundari wants to put a stop this and get people to spend more time with their loved ones this season, so it created an app called the Family Timer, which tracks the amount of time you spend away from your phone. But it gets better, because for every second that you spend with your family and not your phone, the agency will make a donation to a Syrian refugee¬†family in Canada, who probably know the value of being together with loved ones better than anyone. Not a difficult task if you ask us. You can download the app here or here, and remember to use the PIN code 2015 to ensure your time is converted into donations.

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