The Christmatizer makes everything strange

Sid Lee's quirky pre-roll ads are sure to give you a laugh.

If you get a kick out of jokes that are uncomfortably awkward, then you’ll love this collection of holiday videos from Sid Lee.

The agency did something pretty bold and took a contentious adblocker and “soaked it in the magic of Christmas” by creating The Christmatizer. The browser plugin automatically replaces every pre-roll ad that comes up on YouTube with videos made by Sid Lee. And they’re not your ordinary holiday videos. They’re the most bizarre (but kind of brilliant) things we’ve seen this season. There are men in rubber suits, swaying back and forth as they imitate a human fire. There’s also some turkey-fisting, poorly dubbed music and hairy armpits. Now that’s holiday cheer.

You can view some of the videos below, or go through them all here.



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