Jingle Beers

Evans Hunt turns Village Brewery coasters into a musical instrument.

Even if you’re like me and need some quality bar time around the holidays to even out all the family dinners, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep things festive.

At Commonwealth Bar in Calgary, agency Evans Hunt used Ototo (a DIY kit that converts all kinds of everyday items into music) to turn a handful of Village Brewery coasters into piano keys. A note rang out every time a patron set their drink down and, given the holiday season, it was a perfect opportunity to bust out a bar-friendly rendition of “Jingle Bells.”

Village Brewery and Evans Hunt have clearly given themselves a mission of getting as much innovation as they can out of the simple coaster, having created one that doubled as a beard comb earlier this year to keep patrons both rugged and well-groomed.

Brand: Village Brewery
Agency: Evans Hunt
Creative Director: Mike Tran
Project Manager: Kayla Beattie
Art Director: Scott Tronnes
Copywriter: Jordan Finlayson
Photography: Brendan Stephens