Travel frustration could be your ticket to win

Sheraton turns flight delays into extra holiday joy.

Consider this a piece of service journalism for those of you travelling this week. Aside from shopping, trying to get out of town for the holidays can be one of the more stressful things about this season, with the chance for inclement weather making roads and airlines a constant risk for delays. Sheraton Hotels and Resorts is trying to turn those delays into an extra source of joy this season with the¬†with the “Delight My Delay” campaign.

Led internally with no media buy, Sheraton set up a kiosk in New York’s JFK Airport that will be there until Christmas Eve. If your flight is delayed, you can scan your boarding pass for a chance to win prizes from bikes to trips to Apple Watches. And the longer your flight has been delayed, the better your chance is at winning.

If you don’t happen to run into one of the kiosks, you can tweet at Sheraton using “#delightdelaysweeps” and have a chance at being sent a special code that can be redeemed for a prize on the campaign microsite.


Brand: Sheraton Hotels and Resorts

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