A photographic portrait of the Faroe Islands

Is it possible that a place could be this overwhelmingly beautiful?

faroe islands5

We’re willing to bet if you only had a phone to photograph the Faroe Islands, you’d still get away with breathtaking images to sell on Etsy.

The collection of islands (of which there are 18 in total, and only 17 inhabited, with a total population of 50,000) was recently photographed by creative couple¬†Alex Mazurov and Anastasia Glebova, who are writers and photographers on a quest to travel and explore. They’ve documented their experiences on the blog Near the Lighthouse¬†and recently shared these exquisite shots of the islands that lie between Iceland and Scotland. They’ve frequented the spot so many times now they’re actually able to (and have) give lectures on the islands and things to do there, which you can read more about on their blog. Please excuse us, we have some flights to search…

faroe islands2 faroe islands1 faroe islands6 faroe islands4 faroe islands3

Via Ignant