A personal look at playtime

Fisher-Price enlists parents to capture the ways kids play.

Playing is important to a child’s development, since it teaches them how to interact with the world around them at an early age. That’s the idea we’ve heard from Fisher-Price before, but its newest spot really shows how true that is in the most natural way possible.

The video, created by McCann London’s in-house production unit Craft, doesn’t seem too remarkable at first for the brand, as adorable babies do adorable things during playtime with the toys. But the video was compiled from over 150 hours of footage shot by the children’s parents on their iPhones, making this the cutest guerrilla ad ever. And shooting it that way had a practical purpose, too: by putting the least invasive recording device into the hands of those who the kids are most used to interacting with, their behaviour was more natural and realistic than if a film crew had set up in their living rooms.


Brand: Fisher-Price
Agency: McCann London
Agency Producer: Sue Dhaliwal
Executive Creative Director: Laurence Thomson & Rob Doubal
Art Director: Lianne Galazka
Copywriter: Imogen Jones
Production Company: Craft
Executive Producer: Sergio Lopez/Tom McLoughlin
Editing: Rick Waller (Craft)
Sound: Tim Sutton (Craft)
Grade: The Mill

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