He’s a mechanic on the car floor

Cillit Bang makes cleaning (almost) fun with this Flashdance parody.

This Stim writer will buy anything you’re selling if it involves a dance routine.

Perhaps I’m not the only one, because Cillit Bang, a European cleaning brand, has made a short that’s centred around just that. And it’s not just any dancing. We’re talking Flashdancing. In its first global campaign ad, created by Paris-based BETC, the brand shows how scrubbing the walls and floors can almost be fun.

It features a mechanic cutting the rug by doing complex moves while dusting a very (very) dirty auto shop with the cleaning product. At first, you might think there’s no way this bloke is going to finish the job by sundown. But (spoiler alert) he does, and in the same amount of time it takes to listen to that famous Flashdance song “She’s a Maniac” by┬áMichael Sembello.

And now you’ll understand when I tell you I’ve been Googling “Do I have to fly to Europe to get my hands on Cillit Bang?” all morning.


Brand: Cillit Bang
Agency: BETC