God, duck lips, the zombie apocalypse and more

Red figured out what makes us tick, and turned it into an infographic.

screen shot 2016-01-11 at 9.30.02 pm

For 279 days (and counting), Red has asked the internet a question on its website.

Each day, the agency poses a new query, relating to random topics from the zombie apocalypse to the death of compact discs to being in love, and each time the “yes or no” question is answered, a percentage result is presented on the page (interesting fact: the consensus on people being in love was split right down the middle — 50/50). 

Now, you could just scroll through the website Q&A history, or you can save mouse clicking energy and take a look at some of the best results in the Vancouver- and Edmonton-based shop’s “bi-annual report,” which was recently released to the public. What’s more, they’ve also turned the infographics into large printed posters for clients (which the teams recommends placing in bathroom stalls, we assume for easy reading?). Here are just a few of our favourite results. And to view the report in its entirety, click here: RED Annual Report.

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