Just when you thought everything was ‘smart’

...someone decides to invent a bottle that reminds you to drink water.

seed 2One day, we’re going to need a smart device that tracks our smart devices.

There is now a water bottle that tracks your water intake and reminds you when to take another sip. Admittedly, the Seed water bottle is one smart cookie, with its lid storing its digital brain. By touching/twisting the lid, a user can view real-time water temperature values and even their daily hydration progress (via a digital LED screen on the lid). It also connects to a person’s phone so they can have personal reminders sent to them, and the best part is that it is able to keep the liquid piping hot or freezing cold thanks to its “copper inlay and nitrogen welding.”

And people are loving it. Seed has so far raised more than $180,000 on Indiegogo (which is approximately 900% over the original goal), and there’s still another 28 days to go.

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