A bitter pill to swallow

Lg2's latest for Farnham shows reactions to unexpected discoveries.

farnham affiche test en v2 - crea

In certain situations, it’s better to not react with anger. In its latest work for Quebec-based microbrewery Farnham Ale & Lager, agency Lg2 is taking the “A Bit Bitter” tagline, which it first created for last year’s campaign, and showing the more nuanced ways we might respond to an unwelcome discovery.

In terms of design, the posters and print ads look very different from last year’s campaign, but they still have a style that’s different from what we expect from other beer brands. Using simple, geometric line illustrations, it’s taken the tab and opening on a can of Farnham and repurposed it as facial expressions on people who are surprised by something they didn’t quite expect (or want) but know they shouldn’t react with anger. That includes adding another happy addition to an already ridiculous-sized brood of kids (as seen up top), a spouse exploring new aspects of his identity or a janitor who was just doing his job.

farnham affiche travesti en v2 - crea

farnham affiche formule en v2 - crea


Brand: Farnham Ale & Lager
Agency: Lg2

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