Communal living for the modern urbanite

From co-working to co-living: WeLive makes us want roomies again.


For many of us urbanites, we wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed, and do it all again the next day. Sure, we have social lives, and we get to sneak in a few evening outings every week or so, but for the most part, we’re in a repetitive routine and maybe some of you are thinking that a little “life after work” is needed. Well, WeWork is trying something new that might pique your interest if that thought has ever crossed your mind.

Just last weekend, the startup, which provides co-working spaces for entrepreneurs and creators in NYC, started testing out a new model with its current members. It’s called “co-living” (more specifically, the company is calling it WeLive) and while you may be thinking it sounds just like living in a commune, you’d be right. But it’s a little more than having roommates who have their own separate lives. WeLive is about bringing people together through shared dining and common spaces where it hosts Sunday suppers, as well as events like game/movie nights, karaoke, yoga and fitness classes etc, according to Fast Company. The studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments come fully-furnished, and the best part, cable and internet is set up before you even arrive. There are 200 units in the NYC building on Wall Street, and they’re busy setting up another 200 in Washington.

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Via Fast Company