The nice and the ugly side of war

Here's why we need Reporters Without Borders.

When you hear the word “war” you don’t necessarily think daisies and diamonds, you think death and destruction.

But, if we lived in a world without journalists on the ground, reporting and photographing the devastation from the trenches, there’s a good possibility that we’d only see the “nice” side of war: the air shows, patriotic parades, colourful uniforms and synchronised marches. So, to put this fact in focus, Reporters Without Borders and agency BETC created a stunning (in all senses of the word) spot that starts out chirpy, but quickly turns to show the side of war we might not see if there were no reporters who risk their lives to tell us the truth.


Brand: Reporters Sans Frontières,
Brand Management: Christophe Deloire, Perrine Daubas, Caroline Pastorelli, Thibaut Bruttin
Agency: BETC
Agency Management: Catherine Emprin, Guillaume Espinet, Jeremy Taffin
Creative Directors: Stéphane Xiberras, Jean-Michel Alirol, Dominique Marchand
Art Director: Jean-Michel Alirol
Assistant Art Director: Pierre Orizet
Copywriter: Dominique Marchand
Traffic: Alexandra Chini
TV Producer: David Brakha
Production Company: Stink
Producer: Gregory Panteix
Director: Owen Trevor
Sound: Brendan Woithe @ Klang
Flame Artist: FASA @ ETC
Monteur: Ryan Boucher @MSE

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