Poland like you’ve never seen it before

These images, taken from above, make the country look like a painting.


Advance apologies if we offend anyone from Poland, but when we think of the country (based on pure speculation, having never been there) we imagine it to be colourless. Not in a terrible way, just in a Central-to-almost-Northern Europe, bloody cold way, so we imagine white snow and dark skies.

Boy, were we wrong.

These images, taken by Kacper Kowalski and reported on by Wired, show a view of the country from above, with the aerial photographer collecting shots of the nature and industry that exist in Poland. The texture and colours in each of the photographs could easily fool someone into thinking they’re paintings. One other thing we should note (and prepare to be in awe of even more) is that when Kowalski takes his overhead shots, he’s doing it solo in a Paramotor, a single person paraglider that he controls by shifting his bodyweight, leaving his hands free to make these breathtaking pictures.

Via Wired

kacper-kowalski-se_toxic-beauty12-1024x681 kacper-kowalski-se_seasons_autumn_39-1024x681 kacper-kowalski-se_seasons_autumn_01-1024x681 kacper-kowalski-se_flood-from-the-sky08_7508-1024x681

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