This church in Taiwan is shaped like a shoe

Why? To attract female visitors, of course.


We judged this church-shaped-like-a-shoe like we’ve never judged anything before. At first read, we were appalled to learn that someone designed a church in Taiwan to look like a glass slipper (much like that belonging to Cinderella) so that it could attract women to visit and use its services. Then we discovered that there’s actually a bit of a back-story that’s a little sweet (although still slightly odd).

According to BBC News, local legend goes that a young girl in the 1960s sadly suffered from Blackfoot (a disease that damages blood vessels in the limbs and leads to gangrene) and, because of this, had both of her legs amputated. She would never marry, and for the remainder of her life, lived in a church. So the slipper building was apparently built in her honour. Another thing to note is that the place of worship does not necessarily entail much worshiping. It acts more like a venue than a church, as there are no regular services for people to attend —¬†only pre-wedding photo shoots and wedding ceremonies. Oh, and there are 100 female-friendly features in the church, including chairs for lovers, biscuits and cakes. Great, as if the stereotyping wasn’t obvious enough.


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