The roadblocks of reading

Secret Location uses VR to show you what it's like to live with illiteracy.

There are more than 750 million people in the world who can’t/struggle to read.

While not being able to read a post on your favourite creative inspiration website might not seem like a big deal, think of how you read to get through each day and imagine how not being able to might cause a problem when you try to get a job, an education or a recipe to cook a simple meal.

Project Literacy is an initiative by educational publishing company Pearson to combat this issue around the world. Right now, as world leaders, business leaders and intellectuals meet at the World Economic Forum, the company has teamed up with Secret Location to create “The Lives Unseen,” a VR experience that allows attendees to experience just how many hurdles illiteracy puts in front of people and the slippery slopes it can.

The campaign features three different experiences based on real stories and statistics. “B is for Bloodshed” shows how not being able to read leads to job insecurity and a life of crime; “G is for Gender & Inequality” shows how a young girl in India, who is behind her classmates, lacks the confidence to pursue an education; and “M is for Malnutrition” shows how being unable to read nutritional information and healthy recipes prevents a mother from providing healthy meals for her family.

You can also¬†go over to the initiative’s microsite and try the experience out for yourself. Although it’s a bit hard to watch and follow if you don’t have a VR device handy, you can also find real stories from people explaining all the consequences of illiteracy.


Brand: Project Literacy (Pearson)
Agency: Secret Location

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