99 Bottles of Craft Beer on the Wall

Beer aficionados could get into a lot of trouble with this poster.


True story: I have a guy friend who carries around a tiny notebook and pencil everywhere he goes. He doesn’t use it for daily diary entries, and he’s not a journalist. He’s just a good ol’ fashioned beer lover who likes to jot down every single craft beer he has drank, across a handful of different countries from Canada to Australia, since he was in college.

So after coming across this neat idea from Pop Chart Lab, we immediately sent it to him (and subsequently scored 10 friend points). The Brooklyn-based design company, which creates everything and anything in infographic form, has produced the “99 Bottle of Craft Beer on the Wall” poster, with images of craft bottled beers that you can scratch on-the-go like a lottery ticket. So, basically, drink, scratch, and repeat.

Via Co.Design

beer poster