The most moving zoetrope you’ll ever see

Stella Artois, and Matt Damon want to buy a lady a drink.
stella damon

$25. That’s how much it’ll probably cost you to dine at a restaurant tonight. It’s also about two weeks’ worth of morning coffees (if you’re not a latte person, and can stand simple drip coffee). And finally, it’s also the amount needed to provide a person clean water for a full five years.

That number is what Stella Artois and are trying to get people to donate to their efforts to provide access to clean water for women in impoverished and undeveloped areas (in exchange for the donation, which can be made on the Buy a Lady a Drink website, they will receive a Stella Artois chalice, with designs by artists from different countries, in the mail).

The two teamed up last year, and this year they’ve gone out with a campaign that tells the story of its partnership through a complex, but beautiful, zoetrope that even Matt Damon can admire (watch the video below for his moment of contemplation and strong call-to-action). Painted images on the Stella Artois chalice structure, which took a while to build as lighting specialists and camera experts shot the tower in much painstaking detail, tells the story of a woman’s journey to collect water for her family and community. See two versions of the zoetrope spot (with and without Damon) and the behind-the-scenes video below.


Brands: Stella Artois (AB InBev) &
Agency: Mother London
Production company: 1stAveMachine, Palma Pictures