Exploiting women in ads is ridiculous

Badger & Winters finds a litany of examples to make its point.

New York-based agency Badger & Winters is taking a stand against objectification of women in advertising. It created a video that shows not only how prevalent the problem is, but how ridiculous it is too.

Sadly, all it took was a quick Google search for “objectification of women” to give the agency plenty of examples of ads that show just how egregious it is. Then, it got women to explain what message the work seemed to be putting out there.

As some in the comments of the video have pointed out (yes, we ventured into that nightmare dumpster fire so you didn’t have to), the agency’s interpretation of some of the ads might be a bit off, but we think that’s part of the point. We don’t think Tom Ford was actually trying to say his fragrance smells like a vagina, but sometimes creatives (and consumers) get so caught up in seeing butts and boobs in ads that we don’t think about what they’re actually saying – both about how we treat women and the advertised products themselves.


Agency: Badger & Winters

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